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Q The QT Riesling

Jun 15, 2021  ·  5 min read

QTies, you know we’re all about the unexpected – Q The QT Riesling.

That’s right, QT and the iconic Seppeltsfield winery has bottled a sessionable Riesling from the legendary Quelltaler Vineyard – QT x Seppeltsfield’s ‘Quelltaler Vineyard’ Riesling, or as we’ve fondly grown to know as QT Riesling.

Group Wine Director, Chris Morrison, and his team take us through the grapevine on how our first wine, only available at our signature restaurants and bars, is best served.


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A post shared by QT Sydney (@qtsydneyhotel)

“This is a QT wine we are talking about, not only is it really good but it was created with the wine drinker in mind. It’s super sessionable, loves food, especially local shellfish, and celebrates the very best of Australian wine growing. With access to the country’s best Riesling vineyards, rich heritage and desire to innovate, we couldn’t have dreamed a better partner than the iconic Seppeltsfield winery to make this wine become a reality,” says Chris.

“Sip for yourself at our signature restaurants and bars throughout Australia, because at QT, wine is not only a passion, it’s a ritual, it’s a way of life – the QT Life.”

QT Riesling goes hand-in-hand with flirtatious feasting and frivolity. We know you’re an expert on, but should you need a hand, here’s what our restaurant & bar friends can recommend on elevating your experience when it comes to said feasting and frivolity.

QT Sydney, Gowings Bar & Grill
Sommelier, Salvatore Tomasi

“I love to pair Riesling with cold dishes to enhance the fresh and mineral properties of the variety. Clare Valley in particular delivers complex citrus flavours able to balance the saltiness of raw fish in a great way, which is why I would recommend our Yellowfin Tuna Crudo, Edamame, Avocado & White Soy dish.

QT x Seppeltsfield’s ‘Quelltaler Vineyard’ Riesling is a persistent and silky wine able to stand with the texture of the edamame and the avocados present in the dish, as the delicate umami flavour of the white soy adds layers of complexity to this combination of wine and food.


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A post shared by QT Sydney (@qtsydneyhotel)

QT Melbourne, Pascale Bar & Grill
Sommelier, Mitchell Tiller

This Riesling is nervy and energised, making it the perfect aperitif to accompany our freshly-shucked Sydney Rock oysters, served with Chardonnay vinegar and cucumber. A saline minerality is the bond they share, while the Riesling’s signature burst of lime cleanses away the mouth-filling creaminess of each oyster.

Then, you’re ready for the next one!


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A post shared by QT Melbourne (@qtmelbourne)

QT Perth, Santini Bar & Grill
Sommelier, Damien Thomine

The Dish: Pan Seared Kalbarri Snapper with Good Band Snapper with Braised Cannellini Beans, Black Cabbage, Green Olives and a hint of Lemon.

The Reason: QT x Seppeltsfield’s ‘Quelltaler Vineyard’ Riesling is a very lean, mineral driven, bone-dry white wine with intense structure. The finish is a signature spritz of lime, harmonious with the crispy of the Snapper’s skin. The black cabbage and green olive bring some bitterness to the dish and the Riesling is a perfect compliments the bitter elements.

QT Gold Coast, Yamagen
Venue Manager, Tim Willoughby

We love pouring the QT Riesling with all of our sashimi in Yamagen, however in my opinion, our Thinly Sliced Snapper dish really brings it home. This expression of Clare Valley Riesling is bone dry, with zippy acidity and a tight palate of citrus fruits.

The Thinly Sliced Snapper dish combines sashimi grade snapper, umeboshi (pickled sour Japanese plum jam), yuzu-soaked sesame seeds, shio kombu (high umami salted kelp), baby radish and a truffled tosazu dressing.

The delicate body of the Riesling pairs wonderfully with the snapper, without washing out the delicate yet complex flavours of our dish. The wine elevates the dish by providing a subtle citrus component to compliment the citrus flavours already present, and the dry style helps to cut through the rich truffle and salty elements within the dish.


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A post shared by QT Gold Coast (@qtgoldcoast)

QT Canberra, Capitol Bar & Grill
Group Wine Director, Chris Morrison

QT x Seppeltsfield’s ‘Quelltaler Vineyard’ Riesling is well-suited to Capitol’s Rusty Wire Oysters – Steve Feletti, Clyde River NSW. Clare Valley produces some of the best Rieslings in the world. The regions characteristic thirst quenching lime and passionfruit flavours are framed by the Rieslings pitch perfect acidity making Steve Felleti’s Rusty Wire Oysters a partnership of freshness and purity.


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A post shared by QT Canberra (@qtcanberra)

Q The QT Riesling, only available at our signature restaurants and bars in Australia.

QT Riesling  QT Riesling



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