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Cool Creatives: Chloé Hayden

Apr 26, 2024  ·  4 min read

Infectious, effervescent and unapologetically herself, Chloé Hayden is an award winning motivational speaker, actor, performer, author, influencer, content creator and disability rights activist and advocate. Phew! It’s hard to believe we have the same 24 hours in a day as her. We caught up with Chloé on her role as Quinni in Heartbreak High, the brilliance of divergent minds and her favourite thing about staying at QT (spoiler: there’s a few).

QT: Chloé, hi! You’re a very busy and talented multi-hyphenate – actress, writer, advocate. Tell us about all the work you do?

CH: Within everything I do; advocacy is at its heart. In acting, in writing, in everything. Being autistic, the world has told me again and again that it doesn’t want me here; myself (and other incredible neurodivergent creatives) ensure we solidify our place in the world, and show them how important and beautiful our minds really are.

QT: You wrote a book – congrats! Tell us about it?

CH: When I was diagnosed as autistic at 13, I went onto the internet to learn more about it and was met with terrifying, fear mongering articles; I decided that story wasn’t mine, and so I started a blog a few years later, rewriting the story and making sure other young people had a resource to turn to that wasn’t scary. My book is the result of that; and it’s now the first thing a lot of psychologists suggest people to read when they get their diagnosis, which is the biggest joy of my life. Divergent minds are not only brilliant, but vital to our world, and making sure we know that is my greatest mission.


QT: Season two of Heartbreak High (we’re big fans!) is here! Tell us about your most memorable moment from this season. 

CH: Being back with the cast who have become my family was my favourite part; I’ve become so close with all of my cast mates, and being able to be with them again while we filmed this beautiful, hectic, crazy show was so, so beautiful and a constant making of memories.


Chloé, with castmates James Majoos and Brodie Townsend


QT: You play Quinni on Heartbreak High, a character who shares similarities to you as Chloé. Did you find it easy to separate yourself from the character? 

CH: There were definitely days where I felt that I was bringing Quinni, and her struggles, home. Where her story was morphing into mine, and separating it was occasionally a challenge. But, making sure I got back into a Chloé routine; eating my favourite dinners, playing Zelda and Spyro, and chatting with my family made it easier to wash her off at the end of the day.


QT: You recently stayed at QT Sydney and QT Melbourne. What’s your favourite thing about a QT stay?

CH: I’m obsessed with the QT decor; it always feels like you’ve been transported to another reality; and the staff are always so kind, accommodating and fun. It truly is my favourite place to stay!

QT: Lastly, a few Would You Rather Q’s. Rain shower or bubble bath?

CH: Bubble bath!

QT: Room service or dine out?

CH: Room service aaaaalways! I can’t stand a fancy dinner; I’m all about room service on the bed while watching my current favourite binge worthy show (it’s actually my favourite part of travelling!!)

QT: Robe and slippers or disco dress?

CH: Can I wear the disco dress for a few hours and then change into the robe and slippers? That.


Catch Chloé as Quinni in Heartbreak High via Netflix, and keep up to date with her Instagram and website. Chloé’s book Different, Not Less is available at all good bookstores.

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