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Styling Your Christmas Feast by QT at Home with Event Planner Laice Bollen

Dec 15, 2023  ·  5 min read

You’ve trimmed the tree, finalised the menu and placed an order for QT at Home to cater the 25th. Now all that’s left is a festive finishing touch, that all-important zhuzh. Feeling lost? Don’t fret, QTie. We’ve enlisted the help of Laice Bollen, a bona fide boutique event stylist and founder of Place of LB – where bespoke with a capital ‘B’ is her approach to curating brides, brands, banquets and any occasions in-between.

With an enviable eye and her finger firmly on the pulse, Laice eschews trends, instead blazing her own trail. And many soon follow. We chatted to Laice about styling tips and tricks, where she finds inspiration and the four looks she’s created to inspire our tables this silly season.

Hi Laice! Tell us about yourself, how did you get into events and styling?

First and foremost, I love a party and love to have fun. Events and styling came into my life after planning and executing my own wedding in 2018 followed by Covid in 2020 where we all had a lot more ‘time’ on our hands… Our business was born in September 2020 and has been an exciting journey and growth period since then.

We love a party! Where are your go-to places to find inspiration for tablescapes and styling?

Coffee table books, restaurants, overseas trips. Essentially my inspiration comes from experiences, daily encounters or saved memories, and this is how I like to work with our clients too. I always keep an open mind and steer clear of trends.

Can you talk us through each of the four looks you’ve curated for our Christmas Feasts by QT at Home, and what your inspo was for each? 

1) WE ALL KNOW CHRISTMAS IS RED: This mood is inspired by the classic Christmas colours: red and white, yet in a new, fun way. A modern take on Christmas bush, a painted tablecloth (or you can even pick up a roll of paper from Officeworks and DIY it), painted flowers and statement Maison Balzac glasses.

2) AUSSIE CHRISTMAS BY THE POOL: When we think of an Aussie Christmas, I think of prawns and oysters by the pool. Yellow and blue are complementary colours so these informed the theme. Using statement glasses, yellow candles and Clay by LB ceramic candle holders you can create a natural yet fun Christmas setting suitable for dining by the water. We were inspired by one of our favourite wine makers, Moorak. Also, hang onto your oyster shells, you can use these for styling.

3) EVERGREEN CHRISTMAS: When we think of Christmas I also go to green, and one way to create an effective setting is by staying tonal. The Christmas pine and velvet were my inspiration for this with florals by Doctor Cooper, In The Roundhouse plates and Maison Balzac candle holders. Grab some aluminium foil from the kitchen for a touch of chrome.

4) THE CHRISTMAS CLASH: We took inspiration here from the pool at QT Gold Coast (can’t go past a print and colour clash!) and amazing Carolin Ruggaber florals. Grab some grapes, oranges and mix in a monochrome print to balance it out. We love Fazeek for homewares and again In The Roundhouse have some great statement plates. Check out Nonna’s Grocer candles too, so cute!

Taking notes as we speak. Any tips and tricks for those who have bought a feast by QT at Home and are looking to recreate one of your setups at theirs?

  • Use produce. Styling produce en masse can be so effective. Think grapes, tomatoes, cherries – whatever’s in season.
  • Gather together for some crafts. Get a roll of paper from your local stationery supplier and paint a fun design to create a unique tablecloth.
  • Invest in a few styling pieces that will live on in your home: vases, plates, candle holders.
  • Get creative with what’s already on hand – challenge yourself with unconventional items like aluminium foil.
  • Take inspiration from your menu and drinks. I love wine labels and sometimes will base a setting off what we’re eating and drinking.
  • Colour is key, whether tonal or clashing. Colour can be so effective, even a white table cloth styled with oranges looks amazing.
  • Support local brands and create a setting that reflects home (also support your local florist).

Tell us about your trend predictions for 2024 – what can we expect to see in the world of event styling?

I don’t like to follow trends, however we like to be across them and I think it’s safe to say there’s a lot of bows, fabric, drapery and use of colour happening at the moment. I’m excited to see where this continues and we can’t wait to show you what we have in store at Place of LB.


Order your chef-quality feast from QT at Home – with minimal assembly required, you’ll have more time for table styling and being merry! You can keep up with Laice’s stylish adventures via @placeoflb or at

Christmas Feasts by QT at Home

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