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Grab A Cruiser And Ride To These Beaches…

By Thomas Souness.

Okay, so Queensland is famous for its beaches. And within Queensland, few places are more famous for beaches than the Gold Coast. That’s all well and good, but if you’re not a local, the choices can be a little overwhelming and take it from a local – not all beaches are created equally.

So to make your trip to QT Gold Coast just a little easier, here are our top three picks for beaches within riding distance. Why riding distance, you ask? Because at QT we offer free beach-cruiser bike hire for all guests. Couldn’t make it easier for you if we tried! So without further ado…

Budd’s Beach

Ah Budd’s… It’s small. It’s quiet. It’s hidden away. And whilst not a typically oceanic beach, this inland sandy retreat along the Nerang River is nestled away behind the northern edge of Surfers Paradise. Be sure to check out Bumble’s Café while you’re there (it’s somewhat of a secret favourite among locals). If the aforementioned cruiser bikes aren’t your thing, Budd’s Beach might be your best option, as it’s only a short 10 minute walk from QT Gold Coast.

Narrowneck Beach

Narrowneck Beach is an ideal alternative to the busy Surfers Paradise Beach which, on a hot summer’s day, can be packed shoulder-to-shoulder with tourists and locals alike. If crowds aren’t your thing, but you’d like to stick nearby and enjoy a classic Gold Coast style beach, heading north to Narrowneck is your best bet. While you’re there, check out the Southport Surf Club for a cold brew and a killer steak.

The Spit

Last but not least is a Gold Coast classic, The Spit. The Spit borders Narrowneck, and extends north for four kilometres, all the way to the Gold Coast Seaway. If you can make it all the way to the end, The Spit has many little hidden, and not so hidden areas to explore. Comprised mostly of public parkland, The Spit is a popular location for fishing, boating and general beach activities. If a scenic ride through nature sounds ideal, check out The Spit’s 3.5km walking track, which leads through natural bushland adjacent to the beach.

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