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Unique Ceremonies

The length of a guest list can determine how modest or elaborate a ceremony is going to be. And when it comes to a certain look, each individual is stylistically unique. With an eclectic range of chic QT spaces on offer, the perfect one is out there, and we can help you find it.

Designer Receptions

This will be the first time you (literally) let your hair down and are able to relish the fact that you’re officially a married couple, so it should be a totally carefree and downright fun experience. If you’re after an extraordinary reception with a lot of flavour and that won’t be forgotten anytime soon – QT is for you.

Delectable Menus

From gourmet canapés to artistic cocktails, sommelier-led wine lists and opulent banquets that are nothing short of edible works of art, our talented chefs and mixologists will have the guests chatting with full mouths and applauding your refined taste.

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We hate to play favourites, but some of our guests are lavished with even more special attention than usual. Want to know what you’re missing out on?

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