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The Pros To Having Christmas in Summer

words by larissa klerck

For us Gold Coasters, nothing says Christmas quite like a cold beer in hand, fresh prawns on tap and letting loose with friends and family. But our friends from the Northern Hemisphere can’t seem to wrap their heads around the fact that us Aussies celebrate Christmas in 30-degree heat!

A friend of mine, who’s just moved here from London, recently said to me “it’s literally like flipping Christmas on its head!” (I hope you read that in an English accent too). It’s a fair call though, because here in Australia we don’t get snow, we don’t kiss under the mistletoe and we certainly don’t drink eggnog by the fire. As cool as it would be to experience an authentic winter Christmas, it’s hard to beat these 3 pros to having Christmas in Summer: 

  1. Beach

When you have 2 weeks off work and all you want to do is relax, where are you going to go? The beach, of course! Work on that tan, cleanse the skin in salt water, eat acai bowls, listen to music – the list goes on! What would you do with all that spare time in Winter though? Hang out on the couch? Boring.

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