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Markets On The Gold Coast

By Rory Switzer.

All things have a way of coming back around. You can find examples whereever you look. This is most noticeably seen in the fashion and music industry (Kanye West, although a buffoon, encompasses both of these examples). Do you know where else this back-to-the-future phenomenon has reared its ever-cycling head? SHOPPING.

Before the days of malls, mall cops, four story escalators, five acre parking lots and disgruntled Santas, along with grocery store chains, pesticides, never-ending isles and far too many pasta sauce flavour choices, were local markets. This was a cherished forum where townsfolk would get together regularly to trade, buy and sell goods that they built/designed/grew with their own two hands and/or feet and a heartbeat. Although the non-trading attendees, aka consumers of these gatherings may have not been beneficiaries of cost savings via mass distribution chains, or had the same variety of goods to purchase as we see in today’s shopping centres and grocers, you know what they did have? A sense of community.

Studies upon studies have examined the endless benefits that local markets bring to all players of the game. Perhaps this is why there has been an influx of markets popping up all across the Gold Coast over the past few years such as: Surfers Paradise Beachfront markets, Carrara Markets, The Village Markets, Nerang Markets, Miami Marketta, Burleigh Farmers Market and Ferry Road Markets, just to name a few!

The newest kid on the local markets block is Isle of Capri Markets. These postmodernists are bringing lifestyle, produce, home and fashion into one outdoor melting pot. Every second and fourth Saturday of the month you’ll find local vendors offering up a wide variety of locally grown foods, woven garments, handmade jewellery and anything else these creative locals have been working on. The Isle of Capri Markets has plenty of parking, is a 10-15 minute walk from Surfers Paradise (depending on whether you have or haven’t already indulged in some locally made churros…mmmm) and you can even bring your four-legged friend along. Just don’t bring Kanye West please.

Image: Leon Ephraïm

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