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Hipster’s Paradise: Vintage Threads And Good Brew & Organics

Dec 11, 2015  ·  3 min read

By Thomas Souness.

I like hipsters; there I said it. Whether or not you like Gavin McInnes, the said godfather of Hipsterdom, there is something awesome about artisanal this, limited quanity that, and bespoke whatever. The hipster community is a great one for discovering new music, foods, art, liquor and lots of other very important things. I’d recommend ditching at least one of your lamestream friends for a token hipster. Just imagine how good you’ll look in your next ‘just the right amount of vintage’ outfit. Seriously, let’s all ditch the taxi for our fixed-gear bikes… And don’t forget your discover-new-stuff panama hat.

Another couple of things that hipsters really dig (a hell of lot of other people do too for that matter) are quality brews and vintage threads. Here are a couple of places on the Goldy that do those things to a tee. Check ’em.

Arkive Vintage

Have you ever just woken up and thought “Today I want to look homeless, but not too homeless…”? Sure you have. And that, children, is how hipsters are made.

As mentioned earlier, I love my hipster mates. And if you’re new to the area and looking to acquire some fresh vintage threads (excuse the oxymoron), look no further than hidden gem, Arkive Vintage.

Located in the heart of Surfers Paradise, Arkive is now a permanent fixture on the Gold Coast. However, it wasn’t always so… Arkive Vintage actually had its roots in Nottingham and London, U.K. before setting up shop in Australia in 2012. Handpicking garments and accessories from The UK, Europe and The U.S., Arkive stocks a wide range of rare vintage wearables dating anywhere between 1930 to the 1990’s. Now that’s all very impressive, but Arkive’s no one-trick-pony, if the vintage look is your thing, but you just can’t resist a crisp new, never-been-worn garment – Arkive also stocks new vintage inspired clothing and accessories too.

Black Coffee Lyrics

After you’ve exhausted yourself with all that shopping, head right next door to another local gem, Black Coffee Lyrics.

Easily one of the most unique eateries at Surfers Paradise, Black Coffee Lyrics is a favourite amongst Goldy locals, most appreciated for its chilled out vibe and the above-and-beyond level of attention to detail upheld by owners Mark, Nick and David.

From humble beginnings as a small coffee shop with a healthy, organic focus, BCL now boasts a fully licensed restaurant/bar with over 40 types of Australian craft and international beers, and an extensive menu of prohibition cocktails to choose from. What… you thought coffee was your only option? No, no, no! Black Coffee Lyrics does it all, and with food as impressive as their boutique wine list the only thing you’re left wanting for is some live music. Wait, no, they do that too!

Archive Vintage and Black Coffee Lyrics are located opposite “Waxy’s Irish Pub”, upstairs in the Centre Arcade on Surfers Paradise Blvd; just a short 10 minute walk from QT Gold Coast.

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