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Gold Coast Food and Wine Tours

By Larissa Klerck

It’s no secret the Gold Coast has become one of Australia’s foodie hot spots. I mean seriously, it used to be Surfers Paradise then came Nobbys Beach, Burleigh Heads and now Palm Beach. The options are endless with new restaurants, cafes and bars popping up every week!

Are you a foodie fanatic? Do you love trying new wines and cocktails? Have you ever felt like there are just too many amazing restaurants to fit into one weekend? Well, it’s time you heard about Gold Coast Food and Wine Tours.

Meet Karen Inglis-Turner, the face of Gold Coast Food and Wine tours and possibly the sweetest lady in a fedora hat that you’ll ever meet. Karen has an incredible passion for food and wine with flavour and quality at the forefront of her foodie-obsession turned business. Gold Coast Food and Wine tours offer locals and tourists with curated food and wine excursions throughout key locations on the GC.

Whilst these tours are perfect for team-building activities, hens parties and birthdays, nothing says indulgent weekend like grabbing your mates and eating and drinking your way through the Gold Coast.

That’s what I really loved about this tour… it’s something you can do with a partner or friend even if you think you know the ins and outs of the Gold Coast’s foodie scene.

I was lucky enough to experience the Broadbeach ‘twilight tour’ with Karen and a wonderful group of people, some from nearby, some from southern NSW and others as far as the UK.

The tour started off with a brief introduction of each person (Note: you’re about to spend 5-6 hours with these people and share various types of food with them so it pays to know their names).

Karen then shared a bit of Broadbeach’s history with the group. Fun fact: Did you know that the seal statue out the front of the Gold Coast Convention Centre is Broadbeach’s oldest sculpture? It actually went missing for quite some time post World War 2 and was later found at the bottom of a nearby canal!

Whilst each tour is different, you generally go to 5 or 6 different restaurants/cafes/bars and spend 35 minutes at each… and by golly are you full by the end of it!

Without going into too much detail and spoiling the surprise for you, we tried everything from antipasto to freshly made authentic pizza, delicious plates of tapas, red, white and sparkling wine and one of the most amazing cocktails I’ve ever tried.

I think my favourite stop would have to be the gelato shop though. The owner of the store literally has a degree in gelato making (from the University of Balonia… it’s a real thing I swear). Make sure you try the ‘OMG’ flavour, your taste buds will scream a thousand times “Oh my God!”.

Even though you will scoff your face with so many delicious meals, walking from restaurant to restaurant will make you feel a little less guilty.

To sum it up, at Gold Coast Food and Wine tours you will experience delicious foods, wines and cocktails, meet great people and enjoy five-star service whether you are just visiting or you’re a GC food-scene-veteran.

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