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Feit Footwear For Summer

By Benjamen Judd

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As much as we love fashion and all of its follies we do carry certain reservations about the impact it has on our environment. Between the damage caused through mass production and the sheer amount of discarded clothing that seems to be inevitably developing, fashion is like a fancy guilt trip that we update every season.

Well, until now.

Feit (pronounced FIGHT) is an Australian owned, handmade range of footwear for men and women that is tackling the use and discard approach to fashion one ever so stylish pair of shoes at a time.

The vision of two Sydney-based brothers, Tull and Josh Price, Feit is the culmination of 20 years working within the fashion and footwear industry. Indeed, for anyone who remembers the early 00s you may be familiar with Tull Price as the man behind rave-wear classics, Royal Elastics. After Royals, Post Royals and a partnership with leading streetwear label Rag & Bone, Tull and Josh felt the need to create something that was the antithesis to fashion’s throwaway culture.

Using only biological materials (vegetable dyed leathers, zero harmful chemicals) and keeping production to a very small, hand-made and finished minimum, Feit footwear embraces the philosophy that fashion need not be for a season but for a lifetime.

Another of Feit’s key elements is their emphasis on quality – you really are paying for the best possible shoe money can buy. Hand stitching and an absence of seams guarantees immediate comfort; the use of waterstreams and humidity at the end of crafting helps tightens the shoe, ensuring a superior fit and durability; and the use of natural, breathing leather means that the shoe will never ever get that inevitably whiffy-ness that your others do even when you don’t wear socks. In fact, the lads of Feit recommend you forego socks when you wear their shoes!

We’re not going to bang on about the latest release from Feit because we believe each of their shoes are timeless classics (although we must admit to being in sheer utter love with the bicolour lows) so in closing all we are going to suggest is making sure you get your favourite pair as soon as possible because when it comes to Feit, stock is truly limited.

Feit footwear is located at 20 Burton Street, Darlinghurst. You can also buy their designs online here.

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