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Cheaper Options on the Goldy

Mar 2, 2016  ·  4 min read

By Ashleigh Hobson.

Living on the Gold Coast can lead to an expensive lifestyle. A cocktail here, an adventure there, it all adds up. Never fear, due to my upcoming overseas trip I have spent the past couple of months researching how to still be social without having to spend a fortune. So if you too are finding that once Monday comes around you are regretting the amount of money you’ve spent keeping up with your social calendar, below are a few of the best and cheapest ways to enjoy all the Goldy has to offer, minus the regretful bank balance check on Monday morning.

The Currumbin Rock Pools

The Currumbin Rock pools are a secret swimming hole, nestled out of sight and only a short 15 minute drive from the main Currumbin Beach. Unlike the popular beaches which can be swarming with kids and too many pairs of speedos, the Rock Pools are a tranquil way to enjoy a swim during the hotter days, and is enjoyed only by the locals or people who have actually spent the time to seek out this little gem. Picture this; you walk through the barely marked track to come out at this incredible swimming hole, where your inner child can be realised, rope swings, people jumping off the rocky ledges into the clear, icy water, and for those not brave enough to dive in, you can take up a picnic and just lay around the edges, enjoying your surroundings from afar. Yep, that’ll do me!

A photo posted by Joss McCarthy (@jossmccarthy) on

Burleigh Headland

Burleigh headland is quickly becoming one of the Goldy’s main attractions, but for a whole new reason other than its protected surf break and great restaurants. It seems that everyone on the Coast has got the same idea and are getting back to basics when it comes to socialising and meeting up with friends. This incredible spot will have coming back time and time again. From the moment you park your car and start the walk up to the point with a picnic rug in one hand, esky full of cold drinks in the other, you’ll be hooked. The picturesque view will be the first thing you’ll notice, as you overlook the incredible coastline and watch the sun set in what truly is one of the Gold Coast’s most beautiful spots. You also have an extended group of like-minded peeps sitting around, enjoying the perfect mixture of amazing views, great drinks and even better conversation.

Miami Marketta

If you’re like me and only need food and wine to keep you happy then Miami Marketta is the place for you. Don’t get me wrong, getting up early to go for a walk or enjoying some nature is nice and all… but give me a glass of Sangiovese and some delicious street food and I’ll call it a day! Miami Marketa was the first of the night markets to be welcomed with open arms on the Gold Coast. In my opinion, it’s the best place to head on a Saturday night for some cheap street food, an amazing showcase of local wines and beers and of course, live music! Once an unused industrial area, tucked a couple of streets back from the Gold Coast Highway is now a buzzing market street lined with a huge variety of food trucks, local store holders and some of the best live music I’ve experienced anywhere on the Coast. Miami Marketa has taken the Goldy by storm and has bought more than just food and wine; it’s finally added some culture back into a once very superficial environment.

A photo posted by Holly (@holly.bythesea) on

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