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Exotic Pets Presents Aloha Pop-up bar

By Ashleigh Hobson.

Aloha Bar is the first project for Exotic Pets Presents, and to say that they have nailed the concept behind the pop-up bar culture is the understatement of the year. With this being the first of many pop-up bars to be developed by Exotic Pets Presents, their vision is to create a number of different short term bars and eateries in hope that people will follow their venues and jump on board with whatever creative and delicious space that they come up with next.

Tim Glasson, along with Nerissa and Mitch McCluyskey (The dynamic duo who bought us Commune and Etsu) have proven they have the outside-the-box brainpower and flavour passion to craft quality eat and drink projects. Aloha is the new kid on the block and has taken the Goldy by storm with its nautical melody and island-themed paraphernalia, creating a buzzing space with tiki-styled rooms that draw you and keep you exploring… not to mention their endless supply of outrageously fun cocktails, served in all types of vessels.

Aloha Bar & Dining

We were lucky enough to have a quick catch up with one of the directors and one third of the brains behind this funky little bar, Tim Glasson, to see how the original idea came about and what the future holds for Exotic Pets Presents.

What is the concept behind Aloha and why did you guys choose to go with a short term lease over a long standing venue?

The concept of Aloha is that we wanted to create a space where people can enjoy some good food and a great atmosphere, in a wild, heavily themed, fun space. The idea of the short term leases is that we can constantly create something new and exciting, and the themes will never get stagnant or tired because they’re not going to be around forever.

What is the reason behind the Hawaiian theme?

I’ve always wanted to open a tiki bar, and it’s a fun theme, the drinks are great and the food is really different from anything on the coast.

Aloha Bar & Dining

What is Exotic Pets’ plan from here?

The plan from here is to build Aloha up and get it pumping 5 nights a week (or more if the demand is there) and then start looking for the next space. We’ve got our eye on a couple of spots already…

Is there any chance you can give us a sneak peek into the next venue?

We’re still brainstorming ideas for the next venue… a couple of our regulars have suggested a sci-fi theme which I would love personally haha, but not sure how well it would go. You’ll be the first to know once we decide…

Everything we have seen from these guys, whether it is trendy cafes, funky and delicious restaurants to now a highly themed eatery which is bursting with character is proof in itself that whatever they come up with next, will be hugely successful! I know I can’t wait to check out their next venture, and in the meantime you can find me at Aloha enjoying another Banana Daiquiri.

Aloha Bar & Dining is open Wednesday – Sunday, 6pm til late. 

Aloha Bar & Dining

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