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The Art of Banksy

By Ben Stephens

The social commentary artwork from the street artist known as Banksy throws a mirror up to modern society and shows a reflection that is usually dark and brilliantly witty. One of many pieces that stand out is when Banksy got into the penguin enclosure at London Zoo and painted the words ‘We’re bored of fish’ in a 7-foot high typeface. Using any means possible to get a message across, from stencils, prints to just drawing moustaches on billboards.

The mystery of the true identity of Banksy has been a topic of debate of the last decade. Many believe the artist is the front man for the band Massive Attack, Robert Del Naja. Others believe he is a collective of many artists, while some believe that the male persona of Banksy is fake and that Banksy is a female,

Regardless of the true identity or gender of the artist, Banksy creates conversation and controversy with provocative pieces. If this is your jam, then you’ll be stoked to know that former manager of Banksy, Steve Lazarides, is bringing a collection of 80 pieces to Federation Square, alongside local street art and an exhibition hub dubbed *the railyard*.

Admittedly the artist doesn’t endorse this event and Lazarides confesses that he hasn’t spoken to Banksy in over a year. In an interview with Broadsheet, he said ‘As much as it will annoy Banksy, hopefully putting this together and putting it out there will help … If it inspires five kids around the world to go out there and try to say something and address some issues then it’ll be a good thing.’

As with any Banksy outing, it’s hard to trust that he isn’t going to be there, selling tickets in disguise or behind the bar getting your beer, the mystery continues.

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