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Monday – Saturday, 10am – 6pm
Closed Saturday 9th April

Monday – Saturday, 10am – 6pm
Closed Saturday 9th April


Precise slicing for foodies and chefs who crave the crafty cuts. Tanto is a Japanese knife shop that specialises in master sharpening. A range of meticulously handcrafted Suisin Honyaki and speciality knives for you to choose from. A collection curated by the keen eyes of 10th generation sword makers.

Feel what it’s like to cook in Sakai samurai style or bring in your personal set for a custom sharpen. We’ll send you home with blades running smooth. That sweet sensation of acute cuts with a delicate edge.

Down a quintessentially Melbourne laneway this is where you’ll find a slice of Sakai, Japan. A playground for those versed in culinary knife arts or looking to sharpen their skills.

Japanese Knife Sharpening

Sharpening SmallBlade length less than 210mm$20.00
Sharpening Medium210mm-270mm$25.00
Sharpening LargeLonger than 270mm$30.00


Western Knife Sharpening

Sharpening SmallBlade length less than 210mm$15.00
Sharpening Medium210mm-270mm$20.00
Sharpening LargeLonger than 270mm$25.00


The prices above are indicative only and subject to change by the conditions of the knife and request. Only kitchen knives (but any brand) except bread knife are available for our sharpening service.

Please enquire for any questions, custom knives, gift voucher or knife sharpening.

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