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A range of stunning boutique spaces for weddings adorned by unique design. Where elegance is mixed with creative enchantment, dreams of whimsical white come true and new traditions are established. We specialise in unforgettable weddings. Opulent sit-down dinners or intimate parties. Ensure captivating moments with detail to complement the magic, all matched with equally exquisite menus.

Guest Capacity
20 - 185
Guest Capacity

All Loved Up

Do us the honour?

Of course, for there to be a wedding, first there has to be a ‘yes.’ And we’d love to be part of the nail-biting moment you take a knee and pop the question.

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The serious bit (or not)

Now onto the part of your wedding that everyone looks forward to. But before we get to the food and booze, let’s talk about the ceremony. It simply has to be magical – and magical is our middle name.

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Unique Spaces

From a unique experience at our knife shop, Tanto, through to the added wow-factor from our Lobby, QT Melbourne is brimming with quirky spaces fit the quirkiest of weddings.

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Taking things up a level with Floor’d

What’s the only thing better than a flawless wedding? A Floor’d wedding. Our unique Floor’d concept gives you and your guests complete ownership of an entire floor at QT.

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On your marks. Get set. Happily ever after.

Vows read, docs signed, bouquet thrown… and breathe! Honeymooning at QT is the perfect pre-drinks to the event that is married life.

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Get the A Team at QT

Despite what Disney tells us, dream weddings don’t just happen. And luckily for you, the QT wedding team are fanatical about making sure you have a simply perfect day.

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Content to let the couple be the star of the show, the Paramount Room at QT Melbourne offers a clean, elegantly designed space for weddings of all shapes and sizes.

Up to 38 guests

Perched on the first floor of QT Melbourne, the carefully curated Barclay Room is a sophisticated backdrop worthy of the biggest of big days.

Up to 38 guests

Planning on keeping your big day a bit smaller? Ready for a royal reception? As QT Melbourne’s regal private dining room and event space, King combines stylish elegance, cutting-edge technology and outstanding service.

Up to 20 guests

Where great service, design and fine dining connect you have Union, QT Melbourne’s latest boutique wedding venue. Equally at home hosting black tie or smart casual, Union strikes the perfect balance between formal and fun.

Up to 22 guests

Ready to take your wedding to new heights? Get high on panorama drama at Melbourne QT’s Rooftop sanctuary. Take the lift to the top floor and elevate your evening, as your guests mix and mingle by the glowing Melbourne skyline.

Up to 180 guests

What do you get when you mix exclusivity with the extraordinary? The wedding you’ve always wanted. Through the kitchen doors, hidden behind The Rooftop at QT Melbourne lies an intimate, industrial and surprisingly green space called the Secret Garden.

Up to 50 guests

Strike a pose. We’ve got the look. You and your guests have a date with Pascale Bar & Grill. It’s open plan dining that really puts on a show. A drama set in opulent European-style brasserie.

Up to 70 guests

Ever dreamed of taking over a Melbourne laneway bar for your big day? Here’s your chance. Buried deep in an alley at the Melbourne QT complex, Hot Sauce ups the cool factor, with eclectic décor and a quintessentially Melbourne intimate bar offering.

Up to 50 guests

Getting pelted by paintballs isn’t for everyone. So if you’re after a more refined bucks do, look no further than Tanto.

No appetite for an expected, traditional wedding? You’ll fit right in. From a unique experience at our knife shop, Tanto, through to the added wow- factor from our Lobby, QT Melbourne is brimming with quirky spaces fit the quirkiest of weddings.

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