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Secret Garden

Secret Garden

Where urban meets oasis. Untold stories unfold. And the undiscovered becomes the life of the party.

Hidden in plain sight exists a place of constant contrast. Secret Garden welcomes seekers of discrete celebrations, and invites hosts searching for seclusion to make a scene. It’s all the way up, but on the down low. Behind an unmarked door, discover what’s been growing wild within. Find yourself in the centre of an eventful escape.

Lean into lush, give into green. And for that matter, every other colour too. Set against a vibrant cityscape, the garden blooms in every hue, and flavour, imaginable.

Cocktails are infused with the fruits of this very rooftop. Then shaken up with Strangelove Soda, so seal your lips around our inspiration for the season. On the food front, our grazing menus feature an AVAP (that’s as Victorian as possible) lineup of all-star ingredients.

Just picture it. BBQ firing, tunes beating, hearts mingling. What could possibly be better?

For curious minds, and wildflowers of all kinds, you’ve found the spot to gather kindred spirits. But keep it to your closest group of 50 won’t you?

Secret Garden. Not your average garden party.


  • Live cooking station and private bar
  • Secluded and exclusive entry way - only available for those in the know
  • Industrial style interior, with creative and colourful artwork through out


  • Cocktail 70

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