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Our Top Ten from 100 Things To Do In Melbourne

Fact: There is an abundance of things to do in Melbourne.

The city is teeming, no, overflowing with whoa-inducing pop-ups, unexpected exhibitions and doing-it-before-it-was-cool crazes. Think of something. It could be, I dunno, a single plum, floating in perfume, served in a man’s hat. By the time you finish this article, somewhere will be serving that up to locals that have been “drinking it for years, mate”.

There are too many things to do in Melbourne. You know it, I know it, and the socialites at The Urban List, you can bet your bottom dollar they know it. They’re all about it. That’s why they made an epic list of 100 Things To Do In Melbourne.

You might not have time to conquer the list, so we’ve sifted through it and cherry picked the Top Ten.

Top ten from 100 Things to do in Melbourne

  • Visit The Astor and catch a cult classic, like Full Metal Jacket or Pan’s Labyrinth while licking a homemade strawberry choc-top
  • If you’ve ever listened to the Joe Rogan podcast, you’d have heard about sensory deprivation tanks. Jump in a tank at Beyond Rest and tumble down your cerebral rabbit hole
  • Take unwinding to the next level with a soak in the hot tub at Melbourne’s CBD Japanese onsen
  • If you’re into brown water, head to the Whisky Den in the CBD for some afternoon single malt delight
  • One for the traditionalist audiophiles, rummage through the bottomless pit of records at one of Melbourne’s vinyl stores, like Wax Museum Records or The Basements Discs
  • RMIT Gallery is a free student gallery and is worth a visit. Analogue art in a digital world and My Monster: The Human Animal Hybrid are two cracking exhibitions currently showing
  • Create art while sipping wine at Cork & Chroma
  • Visit Melbourne’s craft breweries, like Moon Dog Craft Brewery and Temple Brewing Companyand drink all the beer
  • Laneway Learning has a whole range of classes. Check out their master tea brewing, astronomy or origami sessions
  • If you’re looking for the “best cheese toastie ever”, apparently Maker & Monger is where it’s at. They advise trying the Pimenton & Cayenne, we advise getting the Flaming Reuben as well

words by niall roeder

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