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Say Cheese Festival

By Ben Stephens

When was the last time you ate cheese? I only ask as I just stumbled over a statistic that said the average Australian consume 13 kilos of cheese each year… that equates to a whopping 3.1b kilos of cheese devoured. Just think of all those picnics, the morning ham and cheese croissants and all that cheesy pasta. It’s ridiculous until you look further into it and see that the France consumes over double of what we do.

Stats aside, cheese has the ability to make a human feel something. I remember a time when I was a young waiter, the Chef de Cuisine throws down a tasting plate of Blue English Stilton while she cut honey from the comb. As I assembled the two delicacies on a lavash cracker, I could feel the tears welling up on the inside. The flavours came together, the honey cutting the powerful strength of that stilton, leaving me wanting more.

I only share such a personal moment with you like that, because I believe we have all had a moment like this. A moment with cheese that has possibly changed your outlook on a specific type and turned you into a fan of an otherwise stinky wedge of mouldy looking cheese.

What better way to celebrate those moments, than to spend the day at the Say Cheese Festival at the Prahran Markets. A day with cooking demonstrations from the gnocchi gods at 48H, a mozzarella stretching exhibition by the Georgio from That’s Amore and a how-to from the grilled cheese magicians at Maker & Monger. Joining them will be a long list of cheese producers and artisan yielders, think Tolpuddle Goats Cheese, Prom Country Cheese and the gents from Doughboys Donuts to fill any cravings you may have.

Say Cheese Festival in on October 22 at the Prahran Markets, RSVP HERE

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