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Rooftop at QT

words & cover image by ben stephens

Whenever I’m making my way through the city, down Swanston, or up Russell, I feel that FOMO vibe. Like there is so much more going on around me, but for whatever reason, I can’t see it. I would say it’s that similar feeling when everyone has tickets to Laneway, but you didn’t buy them and now it’s sold out and you have to fill that Sunday in February with another activity.

I digress; after spending some time in Melbourne, I’ve been able to point at exacting where that feeling comes from. It’s the rooftop bar scene. Of course, as I make my way down Swanston, just before Little Bourke I tend to feel like something is going on around here. All you need to do is wait for the elevator, only fit for six passengers, or climb the seven stories of stairs to the rooftop, where you’ll find half of Melbourne enjoying the sunshine.

There are so many of these high altitude hideaways scattered around the city, but there is only one that captures my bias like no other – Rooftop at QT.

If you are yet to check it out, let me give you a quick run down of the food, hooch and most importantly vibe.

Always important to have a little food in the belly if you plan to enjoy a cocktail or two. I would head straight to The Bao. Crispy fried chicken, hot sauce, kimchi and melted yellow cheese. It’s as good as it sounds. Delicious. Second to that, check out the Taiwanese Hot Dog within a Dog. Crispy sticky rice and mustard greens, this thing will bend your mind with the flavour set.

You come to a rooftop for a tipple and a view. That’s exactly what the team behind the bar are all about. Braden is heading up the bar here and he’s doing a damn fine job. He never messes with a classic, so ordering the QT Rooftop G&T won’t disappoint. If you find yourself with a group, the Punch Royale is good for you and three of your closest friends. With Archie Rose Gin and a splash of Perrier-Jouët, it’s a good way to start the night.

The food and hooch are important – it can make or break a place, though without a vibe, you’re just on the top of a roof and it’s a little bit weird. The design team have done another fantastic job in decking this place out to create a space that feels comfortable, while still holding that QT quirk close to the heart.

There is so much happening on the Rooftop, from our first New Year’s Eve party to fashion shows and good nights. We here at QTLife will be sure to let you know what’s going down.

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