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Milking Yard Farms

By Ben Stephens

When it comes to a chicken, a well-roasted chicken, it’s the small things that make the difference. From the seasoned butter, gently rubbed into the skin, to the herbs surrounding the bird and of course the subtle use of a zesty lemon – these all work hand in hand to create a roast to remember.

Though with the main ingredient being the bird itself, this cements it as the most important ingredient of all. Now being the food lovers that we are at QT and admirers of local produce, let me introduce you to the Milking Yard Farm, the husband and wife team, Bruce & Roz Burton.

A number of years ago, the duo both grew tired of the hustle and bustle of the city; they went in search of something new. After spending weekends away in the Daylesford area, they found the quaint township of Trentham. As their love for the area grew, as did their aspirations. Through trial and error, they came to the decision to breed the one of the last Australian strain of chickens, Sommerlad.

Milking Yard Farm are now producing small numbers of the larger, juicier than average chickens to top restaurants around town. With small numbers and a focus on slow food, the couple began have started breeding sheep and cattle as well as fresh leafy vegetables.

The Sommerlad chicken produces a level of quality that is reminiscent of the French Bresse bird and as such has found a home on the Pascale Bar & Grill menu. You can taste the juicy difference in the Sommerlad Chicken Truffle Terrine-Pissaladière and the Chicken Fricassée, with both dishes letting the natural flavours take centre stage.

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