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Four Bars You’ll Want To Drink At This July

Jun 28, 2017  ·  3 min read

On a night out, it’s important to remember you’re in Melbourne, meaning that you have a choice between some of the finest establishments in the country to enjoy a enjoy a sneaky brew at. There are no lockouts, no Darling Harbour and for the most part, no ego.

Given the town is awash with some top notch bars, it can get a little confusing about where to go and what to try; so let us take a look at four rad spots to hit this July:

Limerick Castle Hotel, Errol Street North Melbourne
In a world where most pubs have been taken to the next level in terms of the fit out and menu, it’s hard to find a classic Aussie pub that isn’t a gentrified take on the classic. Here is a place that serves counter meals with no wank and has a beer tap lineup that is proudly Victorian. The Limerick might not look beautiful to the untrained eye, but this place is everything you want from a pub. A classic drinking hole for the North Melb working crowd, don’t tell too many people about it.

Whisky and Alement, Russell Street CBD
Do you enjoy a chat with the bartender as you take a flight through some damn fine whisky? Me neither, until I fell up the stairs at Whisky and Alement. Take a seat at the bar, order a chaser and sit in for an education on what’s good in the world of whisky. The team behind the bar will hold a solid conversation while playing with your palette, quite the trick.

Rooftop at QT, also Russell Street CBD
It would be biased to mention our own Rooftop, but the good people at the Australian Gourmet Traveller just named it the Best Hotel Bar in all of the land, so you don’t want to miss a sunset from here. If you’ve got a group, phone ahead and we’ll sort you out with a spot for you and your clique to enjoy a couple of mid-winter drinks, or just pop up to level 11 and see what’s good.

Bar Americano, Presgrave Place CBD
The team at BA have a very strict capacity, of 10. The place is tiny but the perfect spot for a quick pitstop on your way across town. Classic cocktails and card only, Bar Americano do it so very well. The menu changes on the reg, be sure to check it out HERE, just in case it’s a celebration of Gin and you find yourself a second rate fan.

The hooch is pouring and it’s good, don’t be a winter bear, get out there and get into it… Or move to Sydney.

image from whisky and alement

words by ben stephens 

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