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Le Labo Melbourne

words by ben stephens

I’ve always thought I would do well in a cult; I just don’t have the time to commit myself to the long hours and weird rituals. Though, if I did have the time, I would flourish as a cult member.

All dedicated to the cause and what not. If only there was a cult I could join that would see me not have to travel to far and not really commit to too much.

Now I sound like a lazy cult member. Dammit.

After talking it through with you, maybe I wouldn’t do too well in a cult.

Oh well.

In other non-cult related news, the high power of the fragrance lords are about to open their first ever Australian store – in Melbourne.

Now, alongside the team at Mecca, you can head to the flagship Le Labo store in Fitzroy and procure your beautiful scents.

That’s right, the much loved, 100% vegan fragrance slinging laboratory is moving into Australia and are ready to bring their personal service to you.

The Le Labo experience comes to life when you step inside their store. It really hits you in the nose. The 15 perfumes that make up the classic collection are compounded freshly in front of your very eyes. This means the essential oil concentrates remain separate from the alcohol right up to the moment of purchase. Only then do the lab technicians proceed to the final formulation of the perfume: oil concentrate + alcohol + water.

Santal 33 was the only scent A-lister’s would wear and it seems that nothing has changed.

According to unreliable sources, Biebs still bathes in the stuff. To be honest, it holds a line of nostalgia when my nose holes catch a sneaky whiff of the liquid gold, very 2011.

Anywho, the store opens mid-March. Get ready Melbourne, you’re about to smell really delicious.

Moment captured on a shelf

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