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Let’s talk about Coffee

words by ben stephens

Let me get a little conceptual for the sake of coffee.

First up, doesn’t the idea of the future just bring pure excitement?

Mars will be a thing; we will have figured out that renewable energy is the way forward; teleportation will have transformed the travel industry and our Directors of Chaos will still be doing what they do best.

Thankfully (hopefully) some things won’t change and that is our daily coffee fix.

Imagine getting your daily coffee in 2040; it’ll be some virtual reality experience where you’ll get the traditional feel of a coffee shop. Then right before your eyes, your cup of choice is delivered via some sort of bot, flying or not.

The mind begins to boggle.

Imagine a coffee experience that can calculate where you’re at during your day.

Giving you the exact amount of caffeine that you need for your morning or afternoon kick. That could even cut down on waste and packaging…

What a world we could be living in.

If the robots that produce the coffee change, then what could possibly happen to the farming and roasting of coffee beans?

What if the beans are farmed in Australia under Papua New Guinean-esq conditions while being fused with a light injection of vanilla or turmeric? All this could cut the footprint of coffee production, making for a more ethical market? It could also collapse the market and destroy economies, but is it not worth a thought?

It’s not the time to give up that early morning and mid-afternoon kick of caffeine, not when the future of coffee looks do damn bright.

With KeepCups and Frank Green producing reusable cups that look funky, remote ordering systems and those 7-11 robots learning how to grind, extract and produce a coffee that doesn’t taste like rubbish; there is so much to come from the coffee of the future.

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