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Di$count Universe Retrospective Exhibition

words by ben stephens

Some friends come and go. Some you have a moment with as you bid your last farewell. Other friends, you miss their farewell party and keep up appearances by mutually liking each other’s rubbish ‘grams. Friendship can be a fickle thing. But when a really good friend tells you that they are moving to New York to pursue their fashion career, you throw out a loud round of applause and ask when the farewell party is.

For our Melbourne sisters, Cami James and Nadia Napreychikov aka Di$count Universe, this is exactly what they’re about to do.

The brand that regularly enjoys throwing the middle finger up is throwing a farewell to the city that raised them. The Di$count Universe ‘it’s-too-soon-for-a-retrospective’ Retrospective Exhibition is about to take you on a walk down memory lane.

An exhibition of over 500 designs is no small feat. With commissioned pieces from the likes of Katy Perry and badgirlriri to pieces that you may have never seen. Cami and Nadia are putting it all on display for your eyes to eat up. The girls admit that after being in the business for only seven sweet years, a retrospective exhibit may be a little overkill, though so on-brand right?


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