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David Hockney: Currents

By Ben Stephens

When I feel in the mood to get a little artsy, I tend to whip out my phone, take a little snap and then spend the next 15 minutes coming up with a horrid piece of art that is then sent off to be ogled at for 10 secs before being killed 24hrs later.

I enjoy the medium due to its heavy-handed way that it treats my artwork. No regard to how rad it is, it just gets rid of it, minus a couple of friends capturing it to let it live on.

I also enjoy creating art on a digital screen, the options are endless and that can sometimes hurt my head as to what to draw next.

When it comes to actual artists using the digital screen, you have to hand it to the 79-year-old, David Hockney; his body of work, both on canvas, paper and his digital creations, are outstanding pieces of modern art.

The National Gallery of Victoria and David Hockney Inc. have just kicked off a four-month exhibition, showcasing some of the best work to come from David Hockney over the last decade.

With over 600 pieces on show, there is so much to get lost in. Take your time as you walk through Bigger trees near water – there are over 50 individual canvases on the wall here taking over the three walls, creating an immersive experience like no other.

Another is the 80 portraits and one self-portrait, making a collection of acrylic paintings of close friends, sat in the same chair – a personal favourite.

Finally be sure to enjoy the pure skill that Hockney has when it comes to producing amazing pieces of art using, iPads and iPhones. It puts any Snapchat artist to shame. The exhibition shows, stroke by stroke, how pieces were created; providing a level of inspiration that could just lift your own game.

To book tickets or for more information, check out all the details HERE

The David Hockney Current exhibition is on at the National Gallery of Victoria from now until March 13

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