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Cravings at The Cake Shop

Oct 7, 2016  ·  2 min read

By Ben Stephens

Cravings are a funny business. They start out all harmless; the mind begins to enjoy the idea of a particular food, drink or activity. Then over the next five to ten minutes that idea grows to an obsession and then, given the strength of the willpower you’ve attempted to fight the craving with, you end up downing a Chocolate and Caramel éclair and a Strawberry Cup with lemon ice-cream, maraschino and vanilla syrup. While in the other hand, a dirty martini, just for good measure. This leaves you feeling a little tipsy, however fulfilled like you’ve never been before and quite rightly wanting more, now that the brain is experiencing that sugar rush.

Welcome to The Cake Shop, the sweetest member of the gastronomic offerings at QT Melbourne. A place to enjoy a delicately crafted pastry or a soft lemon earl grey teacake. Pair this with coffee from the team at Five Senses, boutique teas from the good people at Tippity and hot chocolate by the crew at Mörk, the Cacao Artisans of Melbourne.

Creating the patisserie magic is Yousseff Aderdour, a pastry chef with an envious resume. From his early days with multiple Michelin star owner, Alian Ducasse, creating pastries from Lebanon to Paris and to Ducasse’s famed Benoit in New York. Aderdour is now calling QT home as the Executive Pastry Chef at QT Melbourne and is producing tasty bites all over the hotel.

The Cake Shop is designed for the modern day Antoinette, minus the need for the revolution. Open from 6:00am daily, you’re able to enjoy an early, mid, noon, high or late delicacy matched with an appropriate drink, time dependent of course.

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