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Who to see at the closing weekend of MICF

words by ben stephens

This Sunday, the Melbourne International Comedy Festival will once again bid farewell from the Victorian capital; no doubt it’ll be done in style and all those who wake dusty on Monday morning won’t be familiar with the details of the night before. Rightly so. For the last month those comedians graced stages around Melbourne and had the likes of The Age reviewers drop their two cents worth on their trade.

Speaking of which, the comedy section of The Age can be found right HERE. From the scathing to the shout outs, authored by seasoned reviewers who give you just enough to make your own mind up on each act.

We here at QTLife rarely regard ourselves as reviewers.

We like to guide you though, a handful of directions to find something you’ll love.

So with the final weekend of the festival already upon us, here are four shows to catch before they leave town, with a line or two from The Age review team.

Hannah Gadsby
Nannette is the final piece for Gadsby before she leaves for Tasmania, and she doesn’t hold back. Focusing on marriage equality, Section 18c and Safe Schools, the level of anger that is on display is real and encompassing.
The Age said: ‘the audience is right there with her at every turn, laughing, crying (my friend was left in a puddle of tears) and gasping at the raw power she demonstrates… ★★★★★

Daniel Sloss
With that Scottish accent, mixed with a smart and well-researched humour, Sloss is a QTLife favourite no matter the stage he’s on. A festival favourite for us and a comedy podcast regular, it’s hard not to fall in love with his wit. The Age offered ‘He doesn’t bother trying to be thigh-slappingly funny; instead he makes you think about yourself and your relationships, and then side-swipes you with a brilliant gag… ★★★★½

Sam Simmons
As weird as he gets, he still manages to walk you down the rabbit hole and then hits you with the giggle stick. This festival, Simmons is reading the phone book from A-K, proving that he can make something horribly boring, hilariously funny. The Age admittedly went on an off night but still had this to say ‘The tight, intelligent structure and fewer props demonstrate Simmons’ ongoing evolution as a performer. Irony abounds and audience assumptions are regularly challenged. On other nights, this is sure to be a four-star show… ★★★½

Joel Creasey
As a one of the most celebrated Perthonality (a person of celebrity hailing from Perth), Creasey has carved a sweet spot in the Australian comedy scene. With a scathing review from the team at The Age, we want to solidify that he is a must see before the festival leaves town. For those who love Creasey at his best, you’ll love PoserThe Age said ‘Maybe it is just a really elaborate audition for Network Ten to finally give him the fame he so eagerly covets… ★★

To grab any of these tickets and more, head over to the MICF HERE

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