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Cake Shop Conversation: Margaret Tona

words by ben stephens

When it comes to coffee, there are few that I trust more than someone standing behind a Kees van der Westen coffee machine. Sure, you and I could talk about the magic bean over our Nespresso machines, but there feels like there something missing in that.

With the newly opened QT Melbourne, comes with it a brand new place to get your golden crema, The Cake Shop. Located on the ground floor of the hotel, as you walk into the space, you feel the need to order a couple of delicious looking treats and a coffee from the skilled baristas behind the Kees van der Westen.

So much so in fact, I did just that. QTLife caught up with Head Barista at The Cake Shop, Margaret Tona, to talk all things coffee, trends and QT.

B: Hi Margaret
M: Hello Ben

B: Margaret, who are you?
Let’s see…how long do we have again? I’m a proud, born and bred Melbournian. For many years, I was a highly caffeinated, passionate secondary school teacher who decided that while I love helping people, coffee was my thing and I wanted to make a new career out of it.
Years later, here I am at QT Melbourne. My role as Lead Barista and Cake Shop Manager allows me to do all of the things I’m passionate about, in a new and beautiful space with a dedicated team of fabulous people.

B: How many coffees do you have a day and what’s your go to?
On average, about 7 double espressos a day. This doesn’t really include the coffee I taste when dialling in…and checking it throughout the day! My go to is a double espresso, straight up. I’ll always order a single origin from South America if it’s available and I do enjoy a full-bodied, well-balanced blend.


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