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4 things you’ll want to do in Melbourne

Jan 24, 2017  ·  2 min read

words by niall roeder

With so much going on at the moment, you’d be forgiven not knowing about every party, festival, exhibition, pop-up and hoedown around town. We take a look at four things to do in Melbourne over summer…. things you might not have heard about.

Yarra Street Food Festival
Food trucks are all the rage at the moment. And when you hear, “food truck”, you think of speciality flavours. No one is going to start selling food out of a truck that is anything short of gourmet or exotic. It just doesn’t happen. For example, someone might sell toasted sandwiches at a corner store. That sentence in itself is so far from arousing, it’s not funny. But, if I told you a food truck was selling toasted sandwiches outside, you’d assume there’d be a bearded hipster, pan frying thick cut sourdough sandwiches with truffle infused pecorino and triple cream brie. Wouldn’t you?

This is a festival of food trucks. So put two and two together… carry the one… and yes! There will be delicious gourmet flavours.

Yarra Street Food Festival is at Burnley Circus Park from Jan 12 – Feb 26.

South Melbourne Night Market 2017
The South Melbourne Night Market comes alive each Thursday evening and offers everything a good market should – fresh produce for the kitchen, tasty grub for the tum, jewellery for the bod, and vintage stuff, home wares and artisan knick knacks… for wherever you put that stuff. This is an activity for those wanting an easy, relaxed evening. Take it sloooooow.

South Melbourne Night Market runs every Thursday from 5.30pm until Feb 23.

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