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White chocolate and cranberry macaroons

Makes 40-50

This weekend I’ll be demonstrating 2 of my favourite recipes with a Christmas Twist at the ‘Chefs of Surfers Paradise’, a free monthly event where the coastal precinct’s chefs come together to turn the foreshore into a bustling instructional kitchen. So if you want to cook up something a little bit different for Chrissy this year, here’s my recipes – keep them secret! – Gary

Almond flour-meal 300 g
Pure icing sugar 255 g
Egg whites (a) 105 g
Vanilla extract 5 g
Salt 1 g
Food colour liquid 5ml
Extra fine granulated sugar 270 g
Water 75 ml
Egg whites (b) 60 g

White Chocolate Cranberry Ganache
Cranberry pulp 125g
Glucose 12g
Caster sugar 50g
Caster sugar 6g
Pectin nh 6g
White chocolate 200g
Butter 40g

In a food processor mix the almond flour and powdered sugar until very fine then pass it through sieve . Transfer to a bowl and mix in first listed egg whites (a), vanilla, salt and food colour. Cover tightly with plastic and set aside.

Place the second listed egg whites (b) in a machine bowl fitted with a whip. Set aside.

In a small saucepan combine the granulated sugar, colour and water and bring to a boil. Once boiling wash away any sugar crystals stuck to the side of the pan using a brush dipped in water. Any added amount of water will have no effect on the outcome.

Boil without stirring to 244°F (118°C). A few degrees before the syrup reaches it required temperature start whipping the egg whites in medium speed. When the syrup is at its required temperature, pour it immediately along the edge of the bowl avoiding pouring syrup on the whip.

Whip until the meringue measures 105°F (40°C), remove from machine.
Immediately add a small amount of the meringue to the almond mixture and combine well using a spatula. Gradually add the remaining amount.
Fold the mixture long enough to obtain a sheen and the folds of the batter disappears within 30 seconds.

Pipe on parchment or silicone lined baking sheets and bake for approximately 14-16 minutes in a 140-150° ( depending on oven) convection oven. Once cooled, fill with filling of choice.

Heat Cranberry pulp in a saucepan, add sugar and Glucose, bring to the boil. Add extra sugar and pectin.
Pour mixture over chocolate in a bowl, stir until smooth. Cool to 40°c, add butter and blend with a stick blender.

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