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A QTie’s Guide to the Gold Coast with Lucy Lumen

Mar 22, 2024  ·  6 min read

In between content creation, photoshoots and being a mum, we took five with local creative, Lucy Lumen. We delved into her expertise on all things film, local hangouts and her on her recent qtQT staycation. 

Hi Lucy! Tell us about yourself. How you became a full-time film photographer, YouTuber and content creator. 

Hey QT team and thanks for having me 🙂 I’m Lucy Lumen, a Gold Coast based creative, a boy mum to a busy toddler and lover of food, fashion, music and anything vintage or nostalgic feeling! I have always had a 35mm film camera, but it never occurred to me to try and turn it into my career until I was on mat leave after having my son, Luca. I realised that I wanted to find room for my creativity again and not lose myself in being a mum. So my partner and I started a YouTube channel all about photography and our camera collection (which is massive), and then from there things just grew in a way I never expected! Through making YouTube videos, we honed our skills in videography and editing, which are such sought after skills nowadays, and without planning it we have become full time content creators for local restaurants, fashion and perfume brands, and even hotels sometimes too. I split my time between shooting various campaigns on film, creating personal content and filming and editing short form video content that has the same vintage vibe as my photos do. It really is my dream job and every day I feel so lucky to be so creative in my job.  

Describe your photography style in three words?

Vibrant. Bold. Striking. I also love using direct flash which was very popular in the 90’s and early 00’s.  

Lucy Lumen at QT Gold Coast qtQT Cabins
Content Creator Lucy Lumen

What is your must-have camera gear when shooting a campaign? 

Because I shoot mainly on film for most of the work I do, the cameras I use are old, sometimes they are even 60 years old, so I like to have a backup on hand in case anything decides to stop working.  I like to bring a back-up camera for my back up camera as well, haha, just to be sure! I always have extra fresh batteries too, as I use a lot of flash and point-and-shoot cameras that can be temperamental at times. It feels a bit like living on the edge on sometimes shooting this way with antiquated gear, but you just can’t beat the look and feel of these photos and I am on a mission to prove that film is still alive in the industry! 

As a GC local, tell us three local places that are a must-do experience on the Gold Coast?

The Gold Coast is a truly diverse and amazing place to explore. You pretty much have it all here and people might not realise what is to be discovered beyond the typical things like surf and sand. Not to say the beaches aren’t lush here because they are, speaking of…  

  1. Rainbow Bay and Greenmount beaches are a must. You can make your way up the hill to point danger and the view is spectacular! I also love all the 70’s 80’s apartment blocks that are around there. They’re great to photograph on film! 
  2. This one is pretty low key but I have to mention it as it’s my go to lunch spot in Surfers Paradise. Blossoming Lotus is a little family Thai restaurant nestled in the hustle and bustle of Surfers, and to be honest, it doesn’t look like much but trust me it’s delicious, and affordable! I am none of these things, but the food is all vegan, gluten free, onion and garlic free and homemade. When I first saw the ‘free from everything’ I was a little suss, but trust me you would never know. It’s a great spot for anyone with dietary requirements, which is a lot of us these days right!? 
  3. My happy place on the GC is HOTA (Home Of The Arts) which is only a stone’s throw from QT. You can wander round the various levels of the beautiful building to explore the collections and make your way to the rooftop for an incredible view and a cheeky drink at the bar. Hit up the gift shop on the way out for some arty finds and take a stroll round the grounds and lake afterwards. There is also a market on Sunday morning full of food options and next to the cafe there is a cinema showing arthouse films. What more could you want?! 

What was your favourite part of your recent qtQT Gold Coast stay? 

Oh my god! The cabins! Take me back! So, I have two favourites when it comes to qtQT…  

  1. The fact that you feel like you are in this quiet, secluded, serene cabin far from the hustle of a busy place like Surfers Paradise, but you have all that fun and adventure just waiting for you downstairs when you want it. Best of both worlds and I love that it truly does feel relaxing as I am a person who struggles to shut off. I wish I was a writer working on some great novel because the cabins would be a perfect place to go to hunker down and finish your book, haha, I love that idea so much maybe I’ll add writing to my list of professions just so I can live out that scenario! 
  2. The complimentary treats in the cabin! The caramel slice and the little biscuits were honestly so good, and I will admit I took a few home with me when I left and I still think about them now, SO GOOD! 


Imagine it’s your last night on Earth. A qtQT Cabin is yours along with a complimentary bar trolley and bottomless mini bar. Who do you invite over to spend your one last night with and why?  

This sounds like a lush last night on earth! I would invite my precious mum because she is my whole world and she hasn’t experienced the cabins before. My husband has already stayed there with me so it feels fair to share the love so everyone gets some QT in their life! 

For more Lucy Lumen content, watch her on YouTube @LucyLumen

Or follow her here: @Lucy_lumen 


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