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The Mini Break

Mar 2, 2017  ·  3 min read

words by pj

So, Flight Centre just posted a very cool article outlining the top reasons why a ‘mini break’ is a great idea… and it got us thinking… when was the last time you planned a ‘mini break’ or ‘staycation’ in your own city?

Not sure if you feel the same… but we actually can’t believe it’s almost Autumn and the chaos and fun of the festive season seem to be a distant and wondrous memory – so it is time to think about the next little relaxing break.

Flight Centre say the ultimate key to relaxing is to plan more short breaks more often…. And here at QT we totally agree.

You can see more places with lots of little breaks. There is not as much pressure on choosing the most perfect annual or bi-annual trip, you can choose a place on a whim and just ‘see what it’s like!’

You can pack a lot into a long weekend.   There is so much time to plan activities and adventures, and with mini breaks, you tend to pack them full of fun things to do to make the most of your time.

You don’t have to worry about packing and lugging massive bags around… you can get away with just a couple of things in a carry-on bag or overnight bag… this in itself makes the holiday less stressful!

Having something to look forward to has massive benefits for your mental health… we love this fact! So planning more little getaways more often will keep that smile on your dial even during the longest of work days!

Shorter breaks are of course, easier on the wallet and that can only be a good thing. There are fewer nights to pay for… and you may not even fly, rather you may choose to drive to your destination only a short distance away. It feels more palatable and makes you feel like you can do it more often!

Another fantastic reason why a mini break is a great idea is that you aren’t a slave to the headaches that may come with taking extended annual leave time at work, fitting in with not only your own workload, but the leave requirements of your co-workers. Not having to juggle leave just makes the getaway all that more satisfying!

So after reading this… we are asking; When actually was the last time you planned your own little mini-break? And why not?

QT FGold Coast is the perfect mini break hotel and you should look no further than booking your first one with us! We are located in the heart of Australia’s favourite playground, our rooms feature incredible ocean views and our restaurants and bars leaving nothing to chance… all you need to do is pack your change of clothes… we have got the rest covered!

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