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Surfing champion Mick Fanning back from holiday to save Kirra from cruise ship terminal

Gold Coast’s current world surfing champion Mick Fanning has jumped straight off a plane from his Thailand holiday to push the campaign to save his “favourite wave in the world” from a cruise ship terminal. Leda Holdings plans to build $2 billion cruise ship port, Ocean Terminal Project, near Kirra Beach at the southern end of the Gold Coast. The Australian company says it already has Commonwealth approval for the project but thousands of locals have signed an online petition against the project, saying it will destroy local beaches and their lifestyle.

Fanning, who spent his grommet years surfing at Kirra, spoke out against the terminal, “My favourite wave in the world is Kirra and I’m not the only surfer that feels that way,” he said. “So when I heard about the proposed cruise ship terminal, my first thought was we’re going to lose one of the greatest surf destinations on earth.” Fanning said that cruise ships would bring pollution, which would affect water quality and marine life. He also said that public beach and coastal land would be taken away from the future generations to make room for the project. “The more I looked into the proposed development, though, I realised we are at risk of losing so much more than the wave,” Fanning said. “This development is wrong on so many levels and I hope people that share my view make their voices heard and join the resistance.” Fanning and fellow Australian surfing champion Joel Parkinson will take part in a “Paddle-Out” protest at North Kirra on January 19.

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