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So… It’s Autumn

Mar 10, 2017  ·  3 min read

words by pj

So Autumn just arrived … it’s like it snuck up on us while we weren’t looking, and bam… here we are saying goodbye to Summer and hello to what we think is the most magical season of them all.

We know most of us are probably still trying to master our new year’s fitness resolution, and the end summer generally brings with it the forlorn notion that we really need to forget that and find a new goal.

Then we realise that it is not so bad, it is Autumn, and there is so much to celebrate.

The start of this magical season marks a time when we kick the humid days to the kerb, get our ‘good hair days’ back and start and be able to wear our clothes without fear of those giant armpit sweats.

Autumn means many different things to many different places, and it has got us thinking about the magic of Autumn and how it makes some of the locations on the Gold Coast seem so much more appealing.

Here are three places that need to be on your “think about getting to in Autumn on the Gold Coast” list.

Mount Tamborine
Did someone say wineries??? Autumn is the season to celebrate the wine harvest… and nestled into the windy roads making its way up Mt Tamborine is an incredible wine trail, taking in half a dozen hidden and somewhat unknown gems (and you can easily download a map!). If you want to sample the spoils and not worry about ‘rock paper scissoring’ a designated driver, you can book a seat on a Gold Coast Wine tour… sounds like the best way to discover the area!

Burleigh Hill
The climb to the top of the rocky headland is so much easier when the cool Autumn winds are blowing! You can download a map that highlights the easy 2 to 3 km ocean-view walk or 6km trek through the National Park.   It is the perfect spot the take a picnic and enjoy the beauty that is on our doorstep.

Last and very not least, we always think of Springbook nestled into the hinterland. There are walks for every fitness level and so much to explore with spectacular views spanning the entire coast, you really are in for a treat. You will stumble across waterfalls that tumble down the depths of the canyon, cool rock creeks and some of the best and most secluded swimming holes you will find anywhere. Beneath the rainforest canopy, a whole new world opens up with as the flora and fauna comes alive!

QT Gold Coast is your perfect Autumn break…. What better place to end your exploring adventures than relaxing in one of our incredible Ocean-View Suites… indulging in an incredible dinner at the Bazaar Marketplace, and waking up in the middle of what we think is Australia’s favourite playground!

We love Autumn… it is the season to simply get your sneakers on, get out and get adventurous.

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