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Roger Sanchez. We love you.

Sometimes in life, you get to do something really cool at work. Something that you might not have dreamed would be a part of your chosen career. Getting to interview megalicious DJ Roger Sanchez at our Stingray Lounge while he sipped a cappuccino and munched on chicken tacos is one such moment in my life.

Although I am well versed in his catalogue (starting with his 1992 remix of MJ’s ‘Don’t stop til you get enough’), through to his version of Depeche Modes ‘Perfect’, the thought of sitting down and interviewing the man himself on anything even vaguely relevant to his role as one of the world’s foremost DJ’s was a little too much to handle.

So…… I asked him the questions put to me  by our loyal QT Life readers, and here are the answers.

Sas : So Roger, what’s your favourite colour?

Roger : Cobalt blue. Like that (pointing to a Stingray potted plant), but a richer blue.

Sas: What’s your favourite piece of clothing. I mean favourite ever. Even childhood pieces?

Roger: My Y3 high-tops. In black leather. I love these shoes.

(Interviewer note: I got to see these hightops this morning when Roger and his crew were checking out. They were absolutely amazing. He has a thing for sneakers. I have a thing for sneakers. It was fate!)

Sas: What animal would you turn into if you could morph?

Roger: A panther.

Sas: What superpower would you choose out of all the available powers?

Roger: Teleportation.

Sas: And finally, what colour are your undies?

Roger: Light blue – GStar.

Sas: And that’s it!

Roger: That was quick!

So, that’s all folks. We hope we will be seeing him soon. He was an absolute delight! Thanks to the Illusive Entertainment guys for bringing this babe to our doorstep! Forgive the pic btw, but it’s just to show it was an authentic ‘OMG, I just met Roger Sanchez and his undies are blue’ moment.

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