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Posy Lane Co.

By Larissa Klerck.

Gone are the days of paying top dollar for fresh flowers and wandering endlessly through florists trying to find the perfect blooms. Posy Lane Co. is a new flower delivery and subscription service based on the Goldy whose aim is to provide affordable flowers in a simple and timely way. We love watching local businesses thrive and these guys are doing just that.

Each morning, the team at Posy Lane prep beautiful bundles of freshly cut flowers so that by 9am you can jump online to view and order the ‘Daily Posy’. You can view the Daily Posies via Facebook, Instagram or the Posy Lane website and some tickle your fancy, you shotgun that bunch with the click of the mouse. The online system also allows you to write a personal message to your loved one or friend… it’s getting easier to be romantic in the 21st century.

You can have some posies on their way to your special person before you’ve even had your morning coffee, which is just plain efficient. Heck, you might even want to order them for yourself… just have them delivered to work so everyone knows you’re super special. The flowers are hand delivered and come with water in cute jam jars so you don’t have to worry about them getting damaged in transit.

We’ve been obsessing over Posy Lane so much so that we decided to team up with them to create a native flower installation in our lil’ coffee nook, Fixx Café. Posy Lane Co. has created a unique array of flowers in rustic brown paper wrapping specially for our guests. So next time you’re grabbing a coffee or enjoying a QTea, you can pick up your own beautiful bunch for just 15 shekels.

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