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Instagram Foodie Blogs

By Chelsea Dulieu

Everybody has those love/hate relationships with the “oh my gosh, where is that!?” food posts on Instagram. You know those ones that more often than not seem to instantly appear the day you start your new diet? *looks at carrot stick with disgust*. It’s easy to want to hate them because let’s face it, you know you’re going to ditch the diet and go give that new place a try but the love feels always win out when you get to enjoy that delicious new gem that was definitely worth the calories (and usually a drop in the bank account). Plus you can totally take the credit for knowing about the best spots around!

Being an absolute sucker when it comes to this myself, I couldn’t tell you how many dinners out have been based on a mouth-watering post I have seen on social media. One could almost wonder why I don’t just cut the cord, but my beady-greedy eyes are just too tempted! Addicted? Me? Never! If you don’t know what I’m talking about, hit the follow button on these foodie pages immediately and stop missing out!

That Gold Coast Foodie

With postings from various spots up and down the coast this one has definitely clued me in on some hidden gems I didn’t know about.

GC Eats

The vibrant, colourful pictures uploaded here are enough to hook even those with the strongest of willpowers. No licking your screens please – it’s bad for the phone (and your reputation if anyone sees).

Swallow GC

Your tummy will be grumbling in no time with the constant updates of new hot-spots around town. Tasted something amazing? It will be posted. Tried something a bit more mediocre? That will be posted too. In the age of many blogs being paid for their chipper reviews, a bit of straight up honesty makes this blog very refreshing.

Gold Coast Eats

With lots of places you will recognise from your own backyard, this is a great page for keeping up to date with new dishes and menu changes. Not to mention new seasonal cocktails, yes please!

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