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Dinosaur Gelato

By Benjamen Judd

It’s no secret that everyone in the QT office likes ice cream. And by likes we mean we would sell our mothers for it. And by sell, we mean we would literally sell our mothers for a bowl of ice cream. And we also think dinosaurs are cool.

So we became happier than a pig in ice cream (Freudian slip and it stays) when we found out that Dinosaur Designs were releasing a new range of jewellery and homewares in a range of sorbet-inspired pastels. Yum AND fun!

Colours range from watermelon, raspberry and apple and the way their colours change when they undergo the process of being turned into sorbet. Previously, Dinosaur Designs have made a name for themselves with chunky, more earthier pieces. Sorbet is a fascinating break away from their traditional colour palette and the finishes are also a lot softer, even gentler, than their older collections.

“There’s a gentleness to the colour palette which we feels creates harmony with the shapes and forms of the pieces,” said Louise Olsen, who with Stephen Ormandy is a co-creator and co-founder of the brand. “We played with colour and created unexpected combinations that are very exciting and compliment the unique qualities of the designs.”*

For more information, and to buy online, visit the Dinosaur Designs website here.

*Quote from Habitus

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