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Coffee Trends on the Gold Coast

Sep 23, 2016  ·  4 min read

By Larissa Klerck

But first, coffee. Keep calm and drink coffee. Coffee keeps us going until it’s time for wine – you get the point.

We’re living in a world where people’s day to day errands are genuinely fuelled by the brewing of little brown beans. Whether it’s getting prepared for a day at work or assisting in that late night study sesh, coffee is a reliable (and tasty) source of energy. That is of course, unless you’re a half-shot kinda gal like me who enjoys the flavour and social side of coffee but gets the shakes more than the average latte drinker… It can be a real struggle when you’ve already had your one coffee for the day!

People’s lifestyles around the world revolve around grabbing a cuppa so much so that the coffee God’s have created a day dedicated to just that. This Saturday the 29th of October, Australia will be celebrating International Coffee Day!

To prepare and excite you for this magnificent celebration, we’ve listed below the top 3 coffee trends going around the GC at the moment.

We colour it.

Move over latte art, rainbow coffee is the newest fad around town at the moment. The concept originated in Las Vegas when a barista named Mason Salisbury started experimenting with food colouring and steamed milk. Since then, Mason has racked up over 25k followers on Instagram! His page is literally the most attractive thing I’ve ever seen. You can check him out at @ibrewcoffee. It wasn’t long before our fellow Aussie baristas caught wind of this and started creating their own colourful cuppas’. Tastes just like a normal latte and makes for an exceptional flat lay pic at your next coffee date.

We wear it.

We’ve all seen the photos throughout our newsfeeds of people covered in what looks to be, well, dirt. But it’s not. Yep, you guessed it, its ground down coffee beans! Leading coffee scrub brand Frank says “Just like it wakes you up on the inside, coffee can wake you up on the outside too”. Coffee scrubs have a number of benefits for our skin including exfoliating properties, improved circulation, smoothness and even cellulite reduction. I know what you’re thinking ladies, why didn’t we know about this sooner? So this International Coffee Day, why not try coffee exfoliation? And if you don’t feel like spending too much cash on buying a scrub, jump on to Google for some awesome DIY recipes!

 We pair it with alcohol.

Ah yes, the glorious Espresso Martini – a timeless GC fave! The perfect start to a girl’s night out or a romantic end to a lovely dinner date. If you’ve been to the Stingray Lounge of late, you’ll notice that we’ve put a little spin on the traditional Espresso Martini with our “Hopped Up Grasshopper” featuring Eristoff vodka, espresso, Mozart dark chocolate liqueur, freshly picked mint, vanilla bean sugar and mint bitters – just like an after dinner mint only naughtier. Also, who could forget the “Avion” espresso/tequila creation launched through the popular TV series turned movie, Entourage? Now that is a wake-up-shake-up kinda drink!

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Line em' up.

A post shared by QT Gold Coast (@qtgoldcoast) on

QT Gold Coast is so darn excited for International Coffee Day that we’re giving away 1 free coffee per person on Thursday the 29th of September in our Fixx Café from 7am, because we all know that the only thing better than coffee is free coffee!

While you’re there taking snaps of our cute PandaMouth coffee cups, make sure you use the tag #qtcoffeeday.

See you at 7 Staghorn Ave for a brew on the house!

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