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Chic Shower Wear

By Kobi Facto

We’ve now come to terms with the fact that activewear is no longer confined to sweaty gyms or sporting arenas. Let’s be honest, who would want to ‘sweat-up’ their gorgeous (and expensive) Lorna’s for an actual workout anyway? Not me.

So when functional-wear becomes everyday fashion – is it any surprise that luxury showerwear is now hitting the streets too?

No, no – don’t get too excited. This does not mean you can now swan down to the local café in your Birthday Suit (as fabulous as you may look). We’re talking about Louvelle’s luxury Shower Turbans.

Created by a busy mother, keen to prolong the life of her blow-dry without the ‘sandwich-bag-on-your-head’ look of the old plastic shower cap, the concept for Louvelle was born.

Inspired by the timeless nature of headscarves and turbans, harking back to the days of vintage Hollywood glamour when the art of primping at the vanity table was done with care and style.

Nowadays, the popularity of turbans has continued with fashion forward celebrities like Beyonce, Eva Mendes and Kourtney Kardashian all spotted wearing the trend.

Try Louvelle’s Amelie and Dahlia style turbans paired with flowing curls for glamorous day look.



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