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Barrel-aged Spirits

Aug 8, 2016  ·  3 min read

By Larissa Klerck.

If you’ve recently indulged in an Old Fashioned at Stingray and your palate noticed a difference, it’s because the key ingredient (Woodford Reserve Bourbon) has been aged in one of our new wooden barrels! Yep, we’re using bespoke barrels to age our liquor… because we can.

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Our six wooden casks currently sitting on top of the Stingray bar are ex-sherry barrels; meaning each cocktail we created with their sweet contents will boast a hint of aromatic red wine **heavy breathing**. We’ve currently got Woodford Reserve Bourbon and Limoncello ageing away. The idea is to produce charming cocktails that are different to what you usually get.

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For Nicholas James, Stingray’s head honcho when it comes to mixology, the most fascinating part of crafting these mélanges is being able to incorporate fresh seasonal produce from the hotel’s rooftop garden. “We’ve recently started making homemade Limóncello in the barrels as we have an abundance of fresh lemons grown here on-site,” he said. Nick and the team have infused Grey Goose vodka, lemon rind and organic sugars with the fresh lemons so that the regulars can explore a little taste of Italy on their night out. They also use fresh mint, basil and rosemary from the rooftop garden to the cocktail infusions… all the more reason to drink more cocktails because it’s basically like a salad right?

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Producing high quality libations is an art and a challenge. Not only do you have to combine the right spirits with the right spices but you have to wait patiently until the mixture reaches the perfect level of aging before pouring it up. Weeks and even months can go by before the drink is ready. This can be a torturous process when the endearing smell of it makes you want to wrap your lips around the plug and go for gold. When the drink is finally in its prime, it is bottled into crystal decanters, paired with the perfect accompaniment and placed in the hands of the stunning Stingray crowds.

So next time you’re at Stingray, keep your eye out for the barrels and don’t leave without having tried at least one.

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