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Best Barbershops On The Goldy

By Rory Switzer…

What comes to mind when you think of a barbershop? The Joe-Louis-is-137-years-old scene from “Coming to America”? Or maybe four men with red striped vests and straw boater hats singing in harmony? Or maybe you think of sharp cuts, clean trims and close shaves? Well in the spirit of Movember and whatever else pops into your mind, we’ve asked our team for the top three barbershops our mo-wielding guests can be directed to keep their whiskers well-kept and in-style over the month. After speaking with our chief concierge Evan (who can’t actually grow a moustache), we’ve landed on the below three, all of which share one extremely important feature; they offer you a beer on arrival.

How. Good.

Barber Bros & Co

After only 12 months of operation, the Barber & Bros team managed to achieve scissor stardom, being named our city’s best barber shop for 2014 by the Gold Coast Bulletin. Two years on, they are full-steam ahead, providing cuts and shaves to close to 500 people a week. If you’re after an all-encompassing, back-in-the-day barber experience, this is your shop. Just make sure you don’t have anything on for a couple of hours, as there is a strict no booking policy.

Mods And Rockers Retro Barbershop

This barbershop is not for your grandpa. That is unless your grandpa is one of those blokes with a full sleeve and an Instagram account with more followers than you. Located smack in the centre of Surfers Paradise’s nightclub district, Mods & Rockers prides themselves on close cuts and strange struts. The perfect place to get your mo styled before cutting a rug.

Blade And Brother

Taking bits from new and old world barber traditions; Blade And Brother offers something for everyone. Their manager Jason Alpen was formerly a women’s hair stylist, providing a point of difference from their competition by offering a wide range of options for your mop or mo. With a massive local following, the place could easily be mistaken for a popular café with all the loitering going on outside of their doors.

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