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5 things that are so Gold Coast

By Ashleigh Hobson.

How good is the Goldy just quietly. The golden strip has some of the most beautiful beaches, a hang over-inducing nightlife and a flourishing foodie and art scene. Just like everywhere, there are some standout activities that are just so ‘Gold Coast’. Whether living or visiting the GC, the activities below are some of those stereotypical things everyone should tick of the ol’ list…

Burleigh Hill at Sunset

This is a favourite for many. It’s free, absolutely breathtaking and is definitely very Gold Coast. Most afternoons Burleigh headland is filled with families, dogs and tourists, all waiting to watch the sunset over the water. Take yourself a blanket, a few cold beverages and join half of the Goldy up on the hill.

Nobby’s on a Sunday afternoon

Nobby’s, aka Nobby Beach is a suburb of the GC and on Sunday afternoon, anybody who’s anybody can be seen down enjoying a good ol’ Sunday Session. With the likes of Nobby’s Arc, BINE and Cambus Wallace you have your fair share of drinking holes, and good looking hipsters to share them with.

Tally Creek

We all know that the Gold Coast is famous for some cracking surf breaks, but for all the girls who prefer calmer waters and the paradisiacal backdrop for their next Instagram picture, we give you Tally Creek. Located just south of Burleigh you will find this tranquil creek with perfect beaches to sunbake and still water.

Surfers Paradise on a Saturday night

I don’t care how cool you think you are, or just how old you may be, everyone should experience Surfers Paradise on a Saturday night. Amongst the multitudes of drunk people, fake tan and tiny clothes that barely cover girls privates, you’ll find a very entertaining night out restaurant and bar hopping.

Theme Parks

Once again, it doesn’t matter how old you are, no one can pass up the opportunity to lose all inhibition and get excited over stomach churning rides and copious amounts of junk food. The Goldy is filled with theme parks, from the Wet’n’Wild to Movie World. Whatever your pick, you are guaranteed for a great day out, filled with fatty food, fairy floss and the guaranteed nap in the car on the way home.

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