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Pascale Bar & Grill

Pascale Bar & Grill

Strike a pose. We’ve got the look. You and your guests have a date with Pascale Bar & Grill. It’s open plan dining that really puts on a show. A drama set in opulent European-style brasserie. Standing proud behind glossy glass doors, prepare the tastebuds for provocative dining in a venue that’s draped with glitz, glam and arty Melbourne chic. Expect modern baroque realness with a menu that matches by design. Each plate a showstopper, our culinary team delivers you a wedding gift of delicate entrees and grand mains. Every seating is a Melbourne dining event for the ultra-glam. So if you’re partial to a drop of extravagance on your big day, look no further than Pascale.

Available for events of up to 70 guests.

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