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Chatting to a QT Concierge

Feb 8, 2016  ·  3 min read

By Rory Switzer.

We are lucky to have great staff. They are a quirky bunch and a good bunch. We caught up with concierge, Dan, for a quick chinwag…

Do you ever feel overshadowed when comparing your accomplishments to that of Dan Carter from the All Blacks, whom you share the same name with? He’s a pretty big deal over in N.Z…

Yes, thanks for bringing that up mate; reeeeall nice way to start my shift off. We should do this more often.

A photo posted by QT Gold Coast (@qtgoldcoast) on

Your uniform is quite unique…Thoughts?

It’s casual, comfortable… I’m sure there are quite a few people asking themselves, “Why is this oddly dressed man attempting to take my bags?”

A photo posted by QT Gold Coast (@qtgoldcoast) on

Your team is known to skateboard on the hotel driveway between check-in/check-out rushes… Now I know this used to actually be encouraged by the chief concierge to assist in building staff morale but I haven’t seen much action out there in a while…

Yeah… there are a few small rocks in and around the area that we may hurt ourselves on so instead we bomb the ramp down to the basement.

That sounds much safer. Any celeb encounters?

Yes, plenty actually. The problem is I don’t know who they are. Just recent we had Guy Sebastian in house. I spoke with him for 20 minutes, thought he was a very nice gentleman then had a hotel guest turn around and asked, “hey, is that Guy Sebastian?!?” I replied, “who?”.

A photo posted by QT Gold Coast (@qtgoldcoast) on

You’ve really got your finger on the pulse of celeb goss Dan. What is the best part of working at QT Gold Coast?

I’d have to say the location, being across the road from the beach. During lunch breaks I can just run across the road for a quick surf and come back fresh to death!

What differentiates you from other hotel concierge teams on the Gold Coast?

These uniforms for one! We try not to take ourselves too seriously whilst remaining professional; I think guests see that and contributes to the easy-going feel that the hotel puts off right from when a gusts checks-in.

Quick test. I’m a hotel guest. Hello Mr. Concierge man, where would you recommend I get my shoes polished around here?

Do you want closest or best? If closest, I’ve got a cloth & polish out the back.

You’re good. Thanks Dan.

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