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Where There Is No Smoke, There Is Fire

Credit where it’s due, winters in Sydney are not as bad as we Sydney-siders make them out to be. They could be worse – like in a town in Canada where it gets so cold that ice freezes sideways. True story. However, it still does get cold enough to warrant a desire for something to warm up the home in the morning that is practical, aesthetically pleasing and not going to cost an arm and a leg for power bills.

EcoSmart have created a series of ventless fireplaces that also function as freestanding furniture. What this means is you don’t need an existing fireplace and they are totally transportable. Fuelled by bioethanol, they are 100 per cent eco-friendly and produce no sparks, no smell and no smoke.

Designs for each fireplace range from traditional grates that can be inserted into existing fireplaes, portable ‘lantern’ styles to the completely ornamental such as the Cube. A great idea to make a warm toasty warm whilst making sure you don’t have to compensate for taste.

For more information, and design styles, the EcoSmart fireplaces website can be found here.

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