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By Benjamen Judd


Sometimes Perth is far too close to us here on the eastern seaboard for our liking, particularly when it involves Jabba the Hut level mining tycoons. Then there are times when it is way too far away, such as when we want to see up-close the beautiful work of Perth-based Anthea Carboni. And just in time for Christmas too!

With more than twenty years experience, Anthea has mostly showcased her work through local market stalls and exhibitions. With a background in art therapy and teaching, her work is a therapeutic practice that is based on not just the tactility of objects but also the way those objects occupy the space afterwards. This year, Anthea decided that she would take a break from her normal routine and instead focus the freedom of experimentation. And thus was born the Yuniko Studio and range of beautiful, and rather haunting, homewares.

Anthea’s work owes a lot to the Japanese tradition of wabi sabi – the beauty of imperfection and simplicity. All her work is done by hand, right down to the finishing artwork. Each range is a limited run based upon the nature of the work – some are moulded from repurposed objects, and others are done made to order. One of her most recent projects was a collection of midnight blue paper bowls that were made from recycled egg cartons which she has even given instructions on her website on how to make for yourself! She is that awesome!!

For more information on Anthea and Yuniko Studio, head to her blog here. You can also buy Anthea’s work online – don’t hesitate to get us an early Christmas present while you’re at it.

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