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Roll with me, Henry

By Benjamen Judd.

Henry Wilson is cool. There, we said it. And not just in some facetious photo-in-the-style-sections It Boy kind of cool but genuine cred, authentic cool. And he makes nice things, too.

After graduating from Australian National University in Canberra, Henry took himself off to Europe where he studied at the ūber cult-status Design Academy Eindhoven in the Netherlands. What did he study, you ask? Why, he got himself a Masters in Man and Humanity. What does this mean, you ask? Well, it means that Henry is cool. And it also provided him a philosophical approach to design that is based upon a continual questioning of design’s role in society and the moral necessity of designing and manufacturing new things all the time.

So what does one do with all this brain-power and all this cool in one go? One makes amazing furniture that involves both re-visioning of classic pieces and also creating innovative construction methods for traditional items. Such as the leather cover for the iconic Tolix chair that has been the catapult from which Henry’s growing infamy has shot. But it is the A-Joint that has proven that Henry’s is a design mind to be reckoned with. The A-Joint is an intuitive construction system that allows for easy connection of standardized timber. The joint itself is near indestructible, made with re-claimed metals and sand-cast. They are also undeniably appealing, combining a mix of utilitarian simplicity and an industrial-strength presence that looks great in either office or home and in fact we wouldn’t mind it in both, thanks very much.

For more information, visit Henry’s website here.

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