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By Benjamen Judd

We have a healthy obsession with roller derbies. Have you seen these things? Seriously – those women deserves medals the way that they simply attack each other with no fear of pain or damage to their person. And they do it all on roller skates!


Well, it might not be a roller derby in the traditional sense, but it certainly does involve roller skates. Sydney’s University of Technology on Broadway has opened up their tower building’s forecourt and created a winter roller rink for fellow die-hards such as ourselves! Wrapping up this coming Saturday, August 24, the event is celebrating the institution’s 25 years of operation and is going to be so much fun that we simply can’t wait to get down there and knock each other over. Sorry…we mean hold on to each other so we don’t fall over. Yeah, that’s what we mean.


Entry to the rink costs $15 plus booking fee and this gets you a pair of traditional, old school four-wheeler rollerskates or some rollerblades if that’s your thing. You get one hour in the rink where two men enter, one man leaves. Not really. Food and drink stalls will also be available so you can stuff your face with some local cuisine before you don your wheels and get in there to TEAR SOME SHREDS OFF SOMEONE! Again, not really.


We really need to get in to more peaceful sports.


The UTS roller rink will run until Saturday, August 24, and you can get your tickets here.

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