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By Benjamen Judd

Pana-mazeballs Normally we here at QT try to make sure that all the things we write about are made and done and did by local artists or designers. But sometimes, something is just so amazing we’ll write about it anyway.

Pana Objects are based in Thailand (practically our favourite neighbour so it’s fine!) and is the brainchild of a group of friends who were obsessed with good design and good times. Channelling all their creativity and a love of wood into household items, furniture, stationary and loads of other good things, Pana Object designs have a simple joy about them that a lot of other so-called minimalism designers seem to have left behind.

Take for example their Frank lamp – a little desk lamp that sits on four legs shining happily away. Inspired by puppies and kittens (we’re not kidding, it’s so cute we almost threw up when we saw it) the lamp is a great way of laminating your work place whilst maintaining a sense of fun.

Our other favourite item on the list is the Nobi Notebook stand. This is a perfect example of smart design in a simple way. Made from two slabs of wood connected by a dovel joint, the Nobi works in two ways – one end holds up your books and diary or whatever it is you need supporting and the other end is a perfectly formed stationary tray so you can always find that pesky pen to write down that idea which will make you a millionaire!

For more information on Pana Object and to check out their other products, head to their website here.

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